Important Notices: The following is a list of some things we already have in place and other changes we are implementing. This list is not comprehensive but is to highlight the most common questions and concerns some of our customers have. We are in the service industry and our groomers’ time and skill is our biggest asset. A groomer is a skilled trade, it’s not overnight to become a groomer, it’s not a job for everyone, and it’s not glamorous, our groomers do it because they love animals. Many groomers don’t find a rhythm till 3-5 years in the business. Being a beautician for people is much easier to master and is much less stressful. They do not do this for the money. Our groomers work long hours and have great attention to detail. Grooming is a stressful profession and as a business owner, I want to make my groomers’ lives as best as possible. Many other shops and mobiles do not pay their groomers well or treat them well. Every groomer at Poochies is treated with respect, paid fairly and honestly. I appreciate you reading this far, please finish the entire document, most of the time a service agreement is skimmed over and overlooked. All the best. -Sandon Smith, Owner

  1. Payment is due upon completion of the groom. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Starting December 1, 2022, all credit card payments will incur a 2.9% + 30 cents processing fee. This was something we have pushed off for a long time. We have not adjusted prices this year due to inflation and have waited till the last possible time to do this. Everything is more expensive including gas, food, general cost of living, interest rates, etc… we hate to do this and we hope to keep your business. However, at this time we must pass CC fees along to the customer. We appreciate your understanding and hope to keep earning your business. 
  2. All prices quoted are the base price. Prices are subject to going up based on the dog’s temperament, difficulty of groom or style requested, mats, or other unknown factors.
    • If the time allotted takes longer than scheduled there will be an additional charge of $2 per minute. This will not be discussed up front as groomers are unable to determine how easy a dog will be to do. 
  3. The groomers use very sharp tools. It is not uncommon for a dog to get cut on the ear, legs, belly, mouth, tongue, feet, toenails, etc. The groomers use the utmost care when handling dogs, but accidents do happen. Our groomers will never be aggressive or careless with your dog, it is never purposeful or from neglect. Many times a dog that is peaceful at home will be very nervous and can spontaneously move and cause a cut to happen. 
  4. Mats and mat removal are not included in the grooming price. Mats are charged as follows:
    • $20 for the first 10 minutes.
    • $2 per minute added after 10 minutes and rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes
  5. Start Time ranges from +/- 1.5 hours. It is impossible to guarantee a start time because of the unknown including traffic, van breakdowns, and previous dog issues.
    • Groomers will give approximately 30-minutes notice by texting the customer when the groomer is on the way. 
    • If a groomer must wait longer than 10 minutes for a customer to bring a dog to the groomer, there will be an additional charge of $2 a minute rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes. 
  6. Picking up dog after groom: customer will be notified approximately 15 minutes before the end of the groom. Customers are expected to arrive at the van within 5 minutes of notified ending. If a groomer must wait longer than 5 minutes there will be a charge of $2 a minute rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes. 
  7. Tips are accepted but not required. If paying by credit card the groomer will hand a phone over to the customer after the CC information is inputted into the processing system, the customer has the choice of selecting no tip and skipping to the signature page. 
  8. Groomers are not perfect. We will get a haircut wrong every once in a while. We ask that the customer be patient with us. We will do a consultation with all customers before starting a groom, please communicate exactly what you are wanting and the groomer will do their best to make you happy.

Service Agreement Terms and Statement

I do hereby entrust my pet(s) to Poochies Dallas LLC (DBA Poochies Pampered Pet)  for the purpose of grooming my pet(s). I am aware that all due care will be taken with my pet(s) for the safety of the pet & groomer.

  • The pet is fit and healthy, Grooming which takes place on an elderly or infirm pet will be at the owner’s risk. Grooming may expose pre-existing health/skin conditions for which Poochies Pampered Pet cannot be held liable.
  • The pet’s rabies vaccine is up to date (as required by law) unless otherwise discussed.
  • In the event of an emergency, in your absence, you authorize Poochies Pampered Pet to contact the nearest Veterinarian and authorize the Vet to treat the pet as necessary at your expense. 
  • The first grooming experience for a puppy (or any age dog) requires patience and understanding. More time may be necessary to work with younger pets. Gradually adding steps to the grooming process on a regular basis will help to minimize any potential stress. I understand that I can help my pets accept grooming by regularly massaging my pet’s paws as well as brushing & combing their coats. Frequent handling of paws can help pets better accept nail clipping or trimming around the feet
  • If fleas or ticks are found during the grooming process, your pet will receive a flea bath to kill the parasites and an extra charge of $25-$50 based on size of dog will be applied. Ticks found will be removed and an additional charge may be applied if excessive. Please note that parasites are a health hazard to your pet as well as to humans.
  • If it is necessary for the safety of your pet and the groomer, muzzles, elastic collars, slings, straps etc. will be humanely used. You must inform us if your pet bites or has ever bitten any person or other animal.
  • I am aware that if my pet does not respond to the groomer and remains still during the grooming procedure, accidents can happen such as nicks and cuts from clippers, scissors, or toenail trimmers. There is always the possibility that an accident could occur. Grooming equipment is sharp, even though we use extreme caution and care in all situations, possible injuries could occur including cuts, nicks, scratches, quicking of nails, etc. Every effort will be made to ensure your pet is groomed as safely as possible. If you arrive early to pick up your pet and they are still being groomed, please do NOT talk to them or allow him/her to see you! An excited pet can be dangerous to work on. We reserve the right to end the grooming session even if the groom is not completed and the full grooming price will be charged. For the pet to properly respond to the groom, it is essential that the pet be alone with the groomer and clients will not assist in the grooming unless requested to do so. 
  • Client will advise us of any allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid aggravating these situations. Products not labeled for use on animals can be used for grooming but only with your permission. Please let us know of any prior grooming history you or your dog may not have found satisfactory. We want to avoid the repetition of poor or unpleasant experiences or situations. 
  • Poochies Pampered Pet understands that some dogs are extremely sensitive to certain grooming procedures such as nail trimming and/or ear cleaning. It is not our intent to cause your dog discomfort. Although these are routine procedures normally performed for the well-being of the pet, we will not continue with any grooming procedure that will cause pain, discomfort to the pet, or harm to the groomer/stylist. Sometimes for a more sensitive dog, these procedures are best left to the care of a veterinarian. 
  • Allowing a pet’s coat to get matted is not only very uncomfortable but dangerous for your pet’s health. The groomer will de-mat the pet (if possible) and there is an extra charge for dematting. Mats can be very difficult to remove and your pet may receive a “shave down” to remove them. Under this circumstance, a shave down is the only way to allow the skin to receive necessary oxygen and for new, healthy hair to grow. Charges for the shave down or shaving ears and tail if they are matted are determined on a per pet basis. If the client requests the mats be combed out, the groomer will not do so if it causes the pet undue stress or pain. Excessive de-matting is a painful, time-consuming, and costly procedure that causes extreme discomfort and can aggravate (or cause) skin problems. I am aware that neglect of my pet’s coat can cause problems after grooming/shave down such as clipper/brush irritation, itchiness, failure of hair to re-grow, and make my pet prone to sunburn. This procedure may expose pre-existing skin conditions for which Poochies Pampered Pet cannot be held liable. 
  • Shave downs or custom cuts that are outside normal specific breed haircuts will be discussed and the groomer/stylist will perform the cuts to the best of his/her understanding of the client’s directions and his/ her ability but no other guarantee is made. 
  • Every effort will be made to keep our scheduled grooms running smoothly. We are a mobile grooming service so we come to you. Please give us some patience as sometimes mobile doesn’t go as planned and we can run super early or super late. Our appointments are more like time windows as we are mobile and can’t always tell a specific time. However, our groomer will text you when on their way.
  • Our groomers are trained professionals. We reserve the right to alter or cease any groom in the event that our staff determines it is in your pet’s best interest or your pet displays aggressive behavior. Client understands that Poochies Pampered Pet has the right to refuse service to the client’s pet at any time for any reason. 
  • We will use extra care and patience for older pets; however, we will not be held responsible for any reaction due to the mental or physical stress of grooming geriatric pets. If in our judgment, brushing or clipping is determined to cause too much stress to the pet, we will modify or terminate the haircut. Please be sure to notify us of any health conditions that might make your pet uncomfortable during the bathing, drying, or clipping phases. Any grooming which takes place on an elderly or frail pet is conducted at your risk. 
  • Cancellation and rescheduling of an appointment, by the client, requires 24 hours notice to waive the FULL appointment fee. Last-minute cancellations are subject to a $50.00 FEE for each pet. We understand there may be emergency situations and we will work with you, but not on a continued basis. Please be respectful of our time as we are a by-appointment business, and
  • another client could have taken your appointment if we had known. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a groom if we feel the need to do so. Every effort will be made to reschedule at a time convenient for both the client and the groomer.    
  • It is considered a “no-show” when the client is not available at the scheduled appointment time and does not contact the groomer to cancel or reschedule. We reserve the right to charge a $50 fee for each pet due to the loss of revenue caused by a “no-show”. Please make every effort to call and cancel or reschedule when possible to avoid such situations. We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet or client for any reason. Clients who are 15 minutes late risk losing their appointment without notice.
  • Payment is to be made at the time of service. Payment can be through Visa, Mastercard, cash, or check. Payment through credit or debit cards will incur the fee that is charged by the card processing company at the following rates: 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. Returned checks will incur a $35 charge and future appointments must be paid in cash or credit card prior to the start of your dog’s next appointment. 
  • Our rates are based on the weight of the pet, the breed, and the duration of the groom. Nail cutting is part of the service unless the process is too stressful for the pet or too dangerous for the groomer. 
  • Photos, pictures, or videos may be taken of my pet before, during, or after grooming for use on Poochies Pampered Pet Website, Facebook, Twitter, or for any other marketing or advertising purposes.
  • I fully understand the financial terms of the grooming services requested. I am aware of the pet abandonment statute in Texas. I understand that legal action will be taken against any owner for abandonment statute in Texas. I understand that legal action will be taken against any owner for abandonment or failure to pay in full my financial obligation to Poochies Pampered Pet. I certify that I have read and understand this agreement. I agree to accept all the terms, conditions, and statements of this agreement. 
  • On rare occasions, Poochies Pampered Pet may need to cancel appointments due to weather, sickness, road conditions, equipment failure, etc. We are a mobile grooming service not a brick and mortar, which means we are subject to many variables which are outside of our control. We sometimes have a new dog early in the day that takes 3 hours when we have only scheduled an hour but these are not things we can know about upfront. Please be patient with us. If we do have to cancel an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances every effort will be made to contact you in advance to reschedule.