Safety First
We want nothing, but happy pups at Poochie’s Pampered Pet Services. Your Poochie’s safety comes first!
If our groomer feels your dog is distressed we will take precautionary measures to calm them, but will never push your Poochie to their limit.
Our groomer’s will ALWAYS make the best decision for your Poochie(s) while under our care.

A price range can be given prior to your Poochie’s grooming based on the services you are requesting; however, we cannot give you a solid quote until we actually see your pet. The price is determined by coat length, breed size, cooperation, quality of coat (i.e. matted) and aggression (if applicable).
Please understand if your Poochie hasn’t been brushed or bathed in months, our groomers are not magicians. It takes time. If you would like to avoid all of the extra fees associated to this we suggest getting on a schedule to ensure your Poochie’s happiness!
Please see our Services page for pricing quotes.

Cancellation Policy
As a small business, we are affected greatly by cancellations. A missed appointment is a loss of income to a small business and our groomers.
Our groomers use a gently and loving approach in handling your Poochie(s), therefore our appointments are scheduled so that each four legged Poochie receives attentive care in a soothing and calm environment. Your Poochie’s Pampering appointment is a reservation for services and for the individualized attention we provide each poochie. We only take a limited number of appointments each day.
Our automated system will send you a text/email reminder 48 hours in advance. We ask that if you need to reschedule do it before the 24 hour window (business day) to avoid a $50 cancellation fee placed on your next scheduled grooming appointment.
We are closed on Sundays.

If an appointment is missed without a 24 hour notification, a $50.00 “No Show Fee” will be charged and a deposit of 1/2 the grooming cost will be required to reschedule a future appointment.

Poochies that are not groomed every 4-6 weeks may become matted. Matting occurs from lack of grooming, coat overgrowth, not routinely being brushed or a coat not being combed through prior to getting wet. When matting is severe and/or close to the skin the only humane way to remove the mats is to clip the coat off to the skin line when we can not get a blade SAFELY through the hair. This very time consuming and hard on both the Poochie and groomer. Please do not ask us to de-mat your pet if we have informed you that the pet is severely matted.

Matted coats are hard on our equipment and in most cases require two haircuts, the first to remove the matted coat prior to bathing and a second to even up the coat after bathing. We are not responsible for health conditions that may be revealed by removing a matted coat such as sores, etc.

In some cases where the matting is VERY minimal and only covers a very small area, we can remove them by splitting, thinning and then brushing them out or cutting them out if SAFELY able. Please understand this is painful for your Poochie and the hair in those matted spots will be uneven due to the process. There is a $2 per minute to de-mat your pet. Your groomer will discuss this upon arrival.

When we arrive for your grooming appointment, sometimes it is difficult to tell if there are fleas present until we get the Poochie wet. In the event your dog has fleas, a flea bath will be required prior to any grooming. A flea bath is an additional $20. Our flea shampoo kills the current fleas on your Poochie, but is not a preventative treatment.

If you decline the flea bath, there will be an additional $50.00 fee to cover the cost to sanitize our Poochie Spa van from infestation. You will also be charged for the amount of time spent attempting to groom your Poochie.

Aggressive Behavior and Bite Policy
We want to be able to groom everyone’s Poochie safely, but sometimes that is not possible. The safety of our groomer and your Poochie is our priority.
Should your pet display aggressive behavior towards our groomer, we will make all attempts to finish grooming your pet with a muzzle with pet parent approval.
Should your pet bite and break the skin of our groomer we will immediately stop the groom and will charge you for the attempted services completed.
If we have to turn down your Poochie prior to appointment due to aggressive behavior you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. If we are able to complete the groom but it takes extra time due to aggression you will be charged for the extra time.

De-shedding removes the dead undercoat so your poochie is less likely to have matting or debris that can harbor skin irritations, insects or parasites. it also helps keep the skin clean, promotes healthy fur regrowth, and regulates body temperature. Not to mention, it promotes a healthier, cleaner environment for you and your loved ones.
All of our full service grooms include a 15 minute de-shed. Additional time for de-shedding ranges from $10-$75.
Please understand our groomers are not magicians. If your poochie has not been de-shedded in the last 60 days it will likely require additional de-shedding.

We are not a refund company. Our groomers put their heart and soul into perfecting your Poochie’s haircut. We believe that communication is key for 100% satisfaction. Please provide practical pictures of your wanted haircut upon arrival and understand that Poochies do not have the same hair type if they are the same breed. Also, your perception of a “puppy cut” or other cuts could be a different vision from our groomers’. Our groomers will do their best to get clarification, but if you are vague it will be hard to perfect your vision.
We ask that you ALWAYS express any issues/concerns of groom with your groomer AT appointment so they can fix immediately and make notes for next visit. We are firm believers in constructive criticism and believe that everything can be a teaching moment. With your approval, we will send the same groomer back out to fix or perfect that haircut that was not achieved initially.
If you notice any issues/concerns with your Poochie’s haircut or services completed, we will make EVERY EFFORT to correct it IF NOTED WITHIN 48 HOURS of the original appointment. After 48 hours a trip charge will be associated with a re-groom.

After Hours Appointments
All appointments with a start time before 8:30am or after 4:30pm will have a $35 per dog fee added, along with a minimum 20% gratuity added, and a card must be on file when groom is scheduled. Our groomers work very hard. It’s a time consuming profession and appointments after hours take time away from their families. This policy allows these outside of normal hours grooms worth it for them to perform. This will be discussed before the appointment is confirmed.